Reader group test

Mark Morrow: I was very surprised with the finish I got, it showed the sander had a lot of power. There were no problems apart from where the on/off switch was placed, I couldn’t get used to it, as it is different to my other palm sander. I would recommend it to anyone in the woodworking trade, a good buy for the money.

B.J.Greatrix: I found the 80 grit a bit too coarse for the work I do so I finished with 180 grit paper held in place with the clips. The tiny orbit marks required a little hand sanding to remove. V bration and noise was a bit more than my Bosch sander.

The sheet perforating plate is a bit stumpy, not producing clean holes.

Reader group test

The dust bag, while collecting quite a lot of dust, did appear to be a bit too coarse to collect it all. The adapter needed a secondary piece of tubing to connect to my vacuum hose and consequently kept falling off in use.

For those on a tight budget I would recommend it. It worked well within expectations and despite a few shortcomings that can generally be worked around, it performed well.

John Gardner: I currently own several Festool sanders, so I am comparing with those. The supplied 80 grit was remarkably effective on a range of woods. I would strongly recommend using a vacuum for speedy removal, it then becomes competitive with more expensive sanders. The switch was a little stiff and difficult to operate.

The hole punch for creating new sheets was only adequate, a much sharper cutter would have saved having to round out the holes with a craft knife. There was some sharp plastic around the grip, which made it a little uncomfortable for long periods, I removed it with a craft knife.

David Handley: I currently own Bosch Professional sanders. I found the 80 grit sheet supplied with the Sparky was very aggressive and produced acceptable results quickly.

It was comfortable to use, keeping my dust extraction attached can be awkward, but that is the case on all sanders. I would recommend the Sparky sander for small jobs and small DIY tasks. Best to leave the tabletops to my eccentric sanders with variable speed. At £37 it is good value and if you have hook-and-loop, good quality abrasives it will serve you well.

Marc Jones: I got very good results quickly cleaning up a rough piece of pine, I tried a few different grits and results were great and as expected for each grit type. I’ve never used a Sparky product before but would be open to using them in the future. It is excellent value for money.


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