Differences in the motorcycle insurance

Does motorcycle insurance differ from auto insurance?

The principles behind motorcycle insurance and auto insurance are the same. Both serve to provide protection for you and your wheels from any number of given circumstances. Just as with auto insurance, you are advised to shop around for the best price and best coverage.

What kind of motorcycles can I insure?

There’s insurance out there for any motorcycle, but the more specialized your vehicle the more detailed you need to get with the potential insurers. This is to be confident that they are offering the right kind of insurance for your bike.

motorcycle insurance

What should I look out for when shopping around?

In an increasingly competitive market the insurers offer increasingly complex insurance policies. The questions that you need to answer are:

  •     If I cause an accident, am I covered for the damage I have caused to the vehicles and people involved (including a passenger on your own bike)?

  •     If I have an accident, whether I am at fault or not, am I insured for medical expenses, loss of earnings etc?

  •     Is the level of liability coverage offered going to be sufficient?

  •     If my bike were stolen or damaged by water or fire would I be covered?

  •     If my bike were damaged or stolen and needed to be replaced, will I get the actual cash value (ACV) or would I be left with a shortfall?

  •     I have spent money on accessories for my bike. Would they be covered if my bike were damaged, stolen or otherwise?

What else should I be prepared for?

A good insurer will want to know how you use your bike and it’s important to be honest. Premiums are lower if you only use your bike at the weekend, but if you use it every day tell your insurer the truth. If you lie about the frequency of use and have a serious accident, your insurer may not pay out.

Who offers motorcycle insurance?

All of the major insurers offer motorcycle insurance but not all insurance policies are created equal. Make sure that you have an answer to each of the questions posed in this article and always take out the best insurance you can afford.


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